DHOH: Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)

Converse Communications

In compliance with FCC Regulations the State of Connecticut, provides Connecticut Telecommunications Relay Service (CTRS) to the citizens of the state.  CTRS makes it possible for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to have equal access to use of the telephone.  Sprint is the contract provider of Connecticutís Relay Services.  For more information visit www.relayconnecticut.com

The CTRS Distribution Program loans telecommunication equipment to Connecticut residents who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.  There is no cost for this equipment.  For more information visit info@conversecommunications.com   The equipment available is listed below.

         Voice Carryover (VCO)
         Hearing Carryover (HCO)
         D-Link for videophone

How do you place a Relay call?                 Dial 7-1-1

Connecticutís Account Manager is Michelle Sangster she can be reached at:

CapTel/Voice (860) 243-0351
TTY (860) 242-4536
(860) 242-7989 Fax, Michelle.Sangster@sprint.com

If you have problems with your telecommunication equipment contact Converse Communications Corporation (CCC) at 800-743-1219 TTY/Voice; (860) 242-4974 TTY/Voice or (860) 243-1320 Fax.  Email address is info@conversecommunications.com  The website is www.conversecommunications.com

If you do not have any telecommunication device (TTY/TDD/Text), you can apply for the free TTY loan. Also if yours is broken, CCC can repair it for you.  Contact Converse Communications Corporation (CCC) at 800-743-1219 TTY/Voice; (860) 242-4974 TTY/Voice or (860) 243 1320 fax. The email address is conversect@aol.com   Check its web site: www.conversecommunications.com 

National Captioning Institute

If you have any problems with captioned TV programs, captioned video tapes or other related issues, contact the National Captioning Institute, NCI at 800-950-0958 TTY, (703) 917-7600 voice or email: mail@ncihelpdesk.org    The NCI has up a National Help Desk, a free service ready to answer your questions and help solve significant, recurring problems with captioning.


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