DHOH: Legislative Highlights DHOH DHOH: Legislative Highlights

Legislative Highlights



Bills that have become law


HB 7109 - An Act Concerning Certification Standards for Persons Providing Interpreter Services was passed by both the House and the Senate. It has been signed into law. It is now P.A. 07-15.

HB 5186 An Act Concerning Evacuation of Pets and Service Animals has been passed by both the House and the Senate in concurrence. It is now Public Act (P.A.) 07-11.


Bill that did not receive favorable support




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 Legislative Activities


CDHI recognizes the efforts put forth by many people. The community has came together to give support to the Legislative Bills which are being voted on this current 2010 Legislative Session. It take a great deal of cooperation, of time and energy from the deaf and hard of hearing community, Legislators, families and professionals all working together to support the important Legislative issues.

Thank you for your support.


Call Legislators about your support or concerns affecting you or deaf/hard of hearing citizens directly:

House Representatives (Democrats) 240-0160 TTY

House Representatives (Republicans) 240-0161 TTY

Senate (Democrats) 240-0162 TTY

Senate (Republicans) 240-0163 TTY

Human Services Committee 240-0164 TTY


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