DHOH: Counseling Unit - Our Services DHOH DHOH: Counseling Unit - Our Services

Counseling Unit - Our Services

  • Resources and referrals in the community, if available
  • Collaboration with agencies to provide cultural awareness related to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Kid of Deaf Adult/Children of Deaf Adult (KODA/CODA)
  • Consultations and educational presentations
  • Adjustment counseling specific to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, KODA/CODA, and their families, including:
    • Managing stress related to communication barriers, issues related to hearing loss
    • Understanding Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or KODA/CODA Identity
    • Understanding and managing any degree or type of hearing loss
    • Enhancing self-advocacy skills
    • Dealing with challenges related to aspects of being Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or KODA/CODA and their families      

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